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open hours Viage SPA 12:00-19:30 Viage eyelash 10:00-18:00 ( eyelash service is not available now)Viage Massage 15:00-22:00(Thursday, Friday, Saturday) Email reservation OK!! (English,French,Korean, Japanese OK) Tel : 0572-21-5026 Men also available Reservation only Place Viage SPA&Viage eyelash are located in the first floor and the second floor of Ten no yu. Please visit our reception( the second floor) to have the service. *can not choose the rooms.


Viage SPA Menu

Body Lymph massage
Facial・Foot massage
Women hair removing
Men hair removing


Viage Point Pressing Massage
Point Pressing Massage
Point Pressing Massage+Foot Massage
Point Pressing Massage+Foot,Head,Hands Massage