Restaurant Salaju

 restaurant Salaju


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restaurant Salaju open hours 11:00~21:00(L.O)




How to order

Restaurant Salaju is located upstairs of Ten no yu, opposite side of reception.

Please purchase food tickets from this vending machine( the picture below) and pass

the ticket to our staff in the kitchen.

Salaju vending machine

*At the moment, we are sorry we don’t have English menu.

Here is the standard menu translation that exactly same sequence of button in the ticket

vending machine. We hope it can be any help to you.


Food ticket On sale

Weekly Lunch Box 500 yen (Available 11:00-14:30, can’t take out) Weekly Lunch Box 550 yen with Miso soup (Available 11:00-14:30, can’t take out) A set 850 yen B set 750 yen

Draft beer 480 yen Bin beer/ Non-alcohol beer 480 yen Lemon sour 400 yen Cold/Hot sake 400 yen Highball, Cocktail, Oolong tea highball 400yen Barley/Sweet potato Shochu(on the rocks | with water) 400 yen Glass wine/Non-alcohol wine 400 yen

Curry rice(with mini salad) 550yen Pork cutlet curry(with mini salad) 650yen Pork cutlet bowl (with miso soup, pickles) 650yen Stir-fried pork with ginger bowl (with miso soup, pickles) 650yen Beef Yakiniku bowl(with miso soup, pickles) 650yen Pork steak bowl(with miso soup, pickles) 650yen

Soy sauce ramen 500yen Vegetable Miso ramen 650 yen Udon/ Soba [Hot/Cold] 480 yen Spaghetti with thick starchy sauce 550 yen Spaghetti with thick starchy sauce and pork cutlet 650 yen Spaghetti Naporitan  550 yen Yakisoba 550 yen

chilled Chinese noodles(summer only)600yen Cold soba served on a bamboo draining basket(summer only)550yen Udon served in a pot with broth(winter only) 600 yen Stewed Miso Udon Noodles. (winter only) 600 yen Salad 400 yen Salad large size 550 yen boiled rice with tea 400yen

*Drink menu available until 22:30  

*A and B sets are available 11:00~21:30


11:30-14:30 Weekly Lunch box +50 yen with miso soup ¥500 can’t take out