How to take bath

How to take a bath

Welcome to Ten no yu

No.1Take off all your clothes in the changing room and place them into a locker.

The 100yen coin necessary to activate the locker will be refund when departing.The shoe-lockers are provided with a red key for the women and a white key for the men. Once the door is locked bring it to the reception ( 2nd floor ) where it’ll exchange for a fit-locker key.( left picture ) exterior view of our spa situated at the 1&2nd floor of the building.

Tennoyu outside and shoes locker pictures

No.2Go upstairs and purchase the ticket

Except during special days entrance regular prices are as follow :

Bathing fee Regular price Morning Bath (6:00~8:50 Only sun)Adult 700 yen 500 yen Teenagers(aged 12 to 18) 500 yen 400 yen Child(aged 4 to 12 ) 400 yen300 yen

No.3To the reception

Please bring the Spa ticket and the shoe-locker key to the reception where it will be exchange for a fit-locker key.Middle school & high school student ( 12-18 years old ) must provide their student card in order to be granted a special discount.

bring shoes key and ticket to the reception


 How to take a Japanese bath

No.1Take off all your clothes in the changing room and place them into a locker.

Japanese bathing is traditionally enjoyed naked. Swimming suits are not allowed.A small towel is provided to take into the bathing area for sake of your modesty, to be used when outside of the water. Once you enter the bath, please keep the towel out of the water.

No.2After showering, enter the bath and soak for a while.

Note that the bath water can be very hot (typical temperatures are 38 to 40 degrees). If it feels too hot, try to enter very slowly and move as little as possible.

No.3Before entering the bath…

Wash your body with soap and water using the shower and washbowl provided in the bathing area. Soap and shampoo are provided. Please make sure that no soap gets into the bath water. Please tidy up your space after you have finished showering.

No.4After soaking for a while…

you may like to use the sauna. Once out of the bath and shower again before using the sauna. Always rinse your body after a sauna before re-entering the bath.

Enjoy Ten no yu