Relaxable place

Relax and have a chat on a Tatami. Space for relaxation built on the theme of healing and green. Complimentary Wifi service Massage chairs Fitness equipment

Tatami mattress, massage chair, comfortable sofas, TV

Game corner Please ask to reception. Reading corner with more than 1000 books and cartoons

Kids corner The Kids corner ( filled with plenty of toys ) is situated, right, up to the 2nd floor stairs.

Tenshin-suijin-no-mizu the special revitalizing water After the 14 September 1984 earthquake in the west of Nagano, the got of water appeared at the exact place where the spa is built. He demanded a well be dug so that people can heal. A small shrine has been built in his honor. This water running out of the well contains calcium fluoride from fluorspar that cleanses body and mind. The water is drinkable and we invite all those who need to recharge their battery to take the sip that soothes the soul. helped one’s body find it’s natural balance. Wash your hands in the water and let the negative ion neutralize positive ions in your body. This can help you relax and escape from any emotional instability or depression. This water may also heal headache and shoulder ache.

The smoking area is located at the first floor behind the entrance and next to the vending machine. *Smoking is not permitted in the building.