Morning Set & Lunch Set

Mental Cafe COCONE

Morning Set

400 yen Croissant,Salad,Dessert,Boiled egg +Drink Please choose from the following Organic coffee(Hot or Iced) Tea(Hot or Iced) Weekdays 9:00~11:00 Weekends 8:00~11:00



Lunch Set…500yen with Salad+Soup+Drink+Dessert Lunch are presented as A and B sets or C and D sets the next day.

A:Tuna boiled egg+tuna(mustard mayo)+lettuce B: Pastrami Pastrami+tomato+lettuce C: Marinated Chicken Marinated Chicken+tomato+lettuce D:Ham and Egg Eggmayo+ham+tomato+lettuce everyday 11:00~14:30

Drink(Please choose from the following)Organic Coffee(Hot or Iced) Tea (Hot or Iced) +50 yen Cafe latte avalable