About the spa



When entering our spa you immediately feel as transposed into a forest. We have re-created the Baden Baden spring haven well known as been one of the best thermal spring landmark in the world so that our guest can appreciate the many qualities of Thoron core. Here you’ll find a large bath of slightly alkaline mineral hot water that generates negative ions, a Thoron sauna, a mist sauna, outdoor bath, jet bath and more at a very affordable price.

Why is Thoron water good Water quality, effectiveness, moisturizing power

「Quality」 : A water quality far beyond the one of a natural hot spring.

Being a natural hot spring doesn’t necessarily means its water is excellent. There are just a few natural hot springs in Japan and therefore most of spa facilities have to add and boil water up to 40℃~42℃. This process may reduce the efficacy of the water. At TENNOYU the quality( slightly alkaline ) of the water sprung out is very close to the one of a natural Thoron hot spring and generates minus ions. It helps keep the skin look beautiful.


「Effects」 : The Ministry of health, Labour and welfare recognizes the effects of Thoron water.

By strongly activating body’s metabolism, the water helps raise the body temperature and increased its resistance. You’ll feel refreshed, blood pressure may regularized and pain can even been relieved. Ionization is good for decomposing cholesterol and excess sugar in the blood. Stagnant tissue waste matters will more easily discharged and by so relieve stiffness and pain. Unlike other hot springs with radiogenic effects Thoron spring is recognized by the Ministry of health, Labour and welfare.

Back pain neuralgia stiff shoulders bruise sprains Athlete’s foot tendency to feel cold chilblain  atopic dermatitis, tiredness

「Moisturizing Power」: Just 10 minutes of immersion will keep you warm for more than an hour.

It usually takes a long time to warm skin and blood in an ordinary home bath. In a Thoron bath, infrared rays delivers energy strong enough to penetrate the skin up to 2mm leaving a great sensation of warmth that is proven to last more than an hour.


Big bath tab This is soft alkaline water. The Negative ions coming from the water, is proven to enhance the skin and improve the circulation of the blood. Baby bath and chairs are provided in both, men and women baths. Baby bed will be found in the lady’s dressing room.Bath ready for children. Baby Bath&Baby Chair

Open-air bath Immerse yourself in the invigorating water of our open air bath. Relish Hip-deep hot moments under the moon. Amenities Shampoo, conditioner, soap, tooth brush, razor are complimentary

Thoron Sauna In traditional saunas the temperature is very high making you sweat by heating the surface of your skin. But at your spa, the infrared rays and Thoron energy are the perfect ingredients to ensure natural sweat.

Thoron Mist Sauna Set at 40 degrees our health-friendly sauna won’t put unnecessary stress on your heart nonetheless you still enjoy a constant heat that makes your full body sweat. The mist will gently envelop you and enhance your skin. Relax as you feel the warm water running along your back while you are enjoying a footbath.